Mar 252017

2017 Engineering Graduate Development Program at Mecca KSA

Job Description

The Hilton Worldwide Engineering Graduate Development Program aims to develop the next generation of Chief Engineers for our hotels across the Middle East and Africa. Our mission is to be the pre-eminent global hospitality company – the first choice of Guests, Team Members, and Owners alike. Our talent is a key differentiator for us in the marketplace and it is critically important that we attract, retain and deploy the very best people throughout our business.

What will I be doing?

The objective of the Program is to develop future Hilton Worldwide Managers through a structured training Program. It gives participants the opportunity to learn by applying theory to working situations and gives them the experience needed to round out their education as well as to prepare them for a future Chief Engineer position. This Program is established to be in line with Hilton Worldwide strategic priorities to attract, develop and retain the best and most diverse talent in the industry. We are in need of a pool of future Chief Engineers who will play a major role in supporting this as well as our current and future expansion goals. The future of Engineering Operations will rely on Chief Engineers who possess and demonstrate not only sound technical skills but also effective managers driven by good business acumen, vision and strategic thinking enabling them to thrive in the dynamic, global and competitive working environment.

The Engineering Graduate Development Program will hire talent from Universities demonstrating sound academics in the field of engineering predominantly covering Mechanical, Electrical and Electromechanical, internal Hilton Worldwide candidates and from the industry. The Graduate Development Program embarks the trainee into a journey of understanding our company culture, hotel operations, broad experience across each function, focused development of skills and expertise required for engineering operations, self-learning and mentoring. The trainee’s ability, aptitude and most importantly commitment will play a great role towards progress to the Chief Engineer role.

The Program will cover all aspects of the Engineering Department

The duration of this Program is 24 months and is completed in 2 Phases; the first phase is “9” months duration and is a mix of competency and skills development to upgrade the candidates’ technical skills and knowledge.

The second phase is “15” months duration and is 80% technical and 20% administrative to enforce technical skills in day-to-day operation and to upgrade administrative and managerial skills.

During both phases there will be a blended learning approach and a variety of learning methods focusing on on-the-job learning, the acquisition of practical skills and knowledge to support the development of our future Chief Engineers where a technical project is presented at the end of each phase.

Locations within the Middle East and Africa are yet to be determined.

If you are successfully offered a place on the Program, placements will start in September 2017 in line with the academic calendar; however candidates who have already graduated may be hired sooner.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for our future leaders, so you will have proven that you to be world class. There are five main criteria for the Program:

1.You must have a Mechanical, Electrical and/or Electromechanical Engineering related Bachelor’s Degree

2.You must speak, read and write English fluently

3.You must be willing/able to live and work in the MEA Region

4.You must be fully mobile within the2 year Program

5.You must have the desire to become a Chief Engineer

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