Jan 162016

EYAudit Assurance Trainee job at Ernst & Young Islamabad

Audit Trainee will be responsible to carry out all the professional duties assigned to him in the course of audit and deliver the results within the time limits. The audit trainee will be responsible for planning the audit and other duties specified hereafter to be carried out by other team members. However, the interaction with client would be restricted to operational staff of the client and he will not be made responsible for any formal written communication with them.

Audit Trainee should immediately bring to the attention of supervising manager all the issues identified by him and inform the supervising senior of any problems due to which he might not be able to finish the assigned task according to agreed schedule.

Duties of an Audit Trainee:

  • Attend Firm’s training programs.
  • Prepare a cost / recovery schedule based on standard charge out rates.
  • Complete the tasks assigned by the Job In charge in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Work as a member of the Audit Team and gradually progress to the experienced level.
  • Prepare Detailed Analytical Review (DAR) on draft accounts in order to include results in the basis of selection format.
  • Work closely with the Audit supervisor on key issues of the Audit Program.
  • Maintain a professional attitude towards client needs, responding on a timely basis to clients’ requests;
  • Communicate and share all client and engagement knowledge with all the engagement team on a timely basis;
  • Communicate all the necessary information to the Manager Incharge on a timely basis.
  • Stay informed of relevant technical, business and environmental developments.

Your people responsibilities

  • Develop an effective working relationship with client staff.
  • Seek opportunities to gain knowledge.
  • Keep direct supervisor up to date with progress/issues.


  • Basic understanding of what an audit is


  • CAF Qualified (FTS 9 and Above )


  • Task management skills.
  • Questioning and listening skills.
  • Good writing skills.
  • IT skills.
  • Strong communicating skills.
  • Team working skills.

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