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bank of khyber
The   Bank  of   Khyber   requires   services  of   Commercial   Bankers  having   professional   skills   and   dynamic  personality   for  the  following   positions   for  its   newly  envisaged  Conventional  Branches   at   Peshawar,  Saleh  Khana   (District  Nowshera),  Jhang,
Lahore   &  Karachi  and   Islamic   Branches   at   Peshawar,  Lahore,  Sheikhupura,  Turnol   (Rawalpindi),   Takht  Bhai,  Jhangera   &
Quetta   & Chief  Manager/Manager  for  existing Branch  at  Muzaffarabad.

 Branch  Manager  

Job  Description
The   Core   responsibility   of   he  Branch   Manager  is   to   Maximize Branch   business as   per  the   targets   assigned   by   The   management. He/  She   is   also   responsible   for  ensuring   Quality   service   to   the customers  within  ambit  of   internal  Control  and   regulatory Compliance   at   the   branch.  This  Position  reports   directly  to   Head  BDD.

Branch  Operations Manager  
Job  Description
The   Core   responsibility   of   the   Branch   Operations  Manager  is   to ensure  efficient  &  effective   services  delivery  to   the   customers at   the   Branch.  He/  She   is   the   primary  custodian   of   operational risk   minimization  at   the   Branch  and   is   responsible   for  the   adherence to   Bank’s   policies  &  procedures   and   compliance   of   regulatory requirement  in   all   activities   &  transactions.  This   position  reports directly  to   Head  Banking  Operation  and   indirectly   to   the   Branch Manager.

 Credit  Officer  
Job  Description
He/  She   will  be  responsible   in   handling  asset/   credit  portfolio   of   the Branch   under  the   supervision   of   the   Branch   Manager  or   Head  Credits (where   applicable).   To  assists   in  evaluating,  screening   and  drafting proposals   based on  strict  guidelines  and   to  ensure   decisions   are  in   line with   the   risk   management  policies  by   maintaining   the   turnaround   time and   quality   of   decision  making   to   agreed  standards.

 General  Banking  Officer  
Job  Description
The   Core   responsibility   of   the   General  Banking Officer   is   to   ensure efficient  &  effective   service   delivery  to   the   customers  at   the  Branch   level. This   position  reports   directly  to   the   Manager  Operations  and   indirectly to   the   Branch   Manager.

 Compliance   Officer  
Job  Description
The   core   responsibility   of   this   position  is   to   ensure   compliance &  Internal  Control  of   the   Branch  in   the   light   of   the   SBP   regulations. He/  She   should  have   knowledge  and   understandings  of   AML/  CFT regulations   especially   monitoring  LTR,   CTR,   STR,   KYC   and   CDD.  This position  reports   directly  to   Chief  Compliance   Officer.


 Cash   Officer  
Job  Description
The   Core   responsibility   of   this   position  is   to   smoothly   carry  out  the Cash   Transactions  of   the  Branch   in   accordance   with   the   rules   and regulations   of   the   SBP.   This   position  reports   directly  to   Manager Operations  and   indirectly   to   the   Branch   Manager.


• MBA  Banking Finance or  Equivalent from  an  HEC  Recognized  university  for all  positions  except  Cash  Officers for  which Graduation  is  required.
• Knowledge of  basic financial  concepts,  basic banking principles, practices and  procedures,  banking operations,  regulations  and  risk  management
• For  Branch  Manager  10  years Commercial, Retail &  Corporate Customers experience of  which atleast  3 years as  Branch  Manager  and  for Islamic Branches  out of   10 years  experience,   atleast  3 years should  be as  Branch Manager handling Islamic  Banking areas.
• For Manager Operation Atleast  05 years Commercial/ Islamic  Banking experience of  which atleast  02 years  should  be as  Operation Manager.  For Islamic  Branch, Islamic  Banking experience is   required.
• For GBO, minimum  03 years  relevant  Commercial  Banking experience for Conventional Branches  and  Islamic   Banking experience  for Islamic  Branches.
•  For Credit Officers, Minimum  03 years experience in  a  Commercial  Bank relevant  to  credits, preferably in  SME  and  Retail Business and  for Islamic Branches   03  years  of  handling Islamic  Credit experience  is  required.
• For Compliance  Officers, Minimum   05 years of   relevant  experience of  which minimum   03  years should  be as  Compliance  Officer  in  a  Commercial  Bank and  for Islamic  Branches  experience  as  Compliance  Officer  in  an Islamic   Bank will be preferred.
• For Cash   Officers,  Minimum  02 years relevant  experience in  a  Commercial Bank/ NBFC/ National Savings as  a  Cashier.
• For Islamic   Branches  the  applicants with  the  relevant   experience and  having worked in  the  Islamic  Banking areas  and  NIBAF Certificate holders or  Islamic Banking Diploma from  Dar‐ ul ‐ Aloom   Karachi or  Bachelor  in  Islamic  Banking from  any recognized  university  by  HEC  or  M. Sc  Islamic  Economics or LLB/LLM   Shariah  will be having  an edge.
• Candidates having  DAIBP will be given preference.
• An excellent  computer  skill  is  must.
• Age preferably up  to  45  years relaxable  in  case  of  candidates  having extraordinary  track record.
• The  Management  reserves  the  right   to  select or  reject  any application without assigning  any reason  at  any  stage.
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