Jul 152014

1) Intern for Graphic Designing 
– Must Be Creative
– Must have Excellent knowledge of Photoshop/Illustrator
– Must have done at least some professional level work either as freelancer or at any event
– Must have his/her own laptop
– Please attach your portfolio along with your CV
Requirements: BBA/BS (4th semester and above)

2)  Intern for Marketing 
– Must have great marketing knowledge
-Must have some experience for Social Media Marketing either as Freelancer or at any event
-Must have some knowledge related to marketing for Technology Related Products and Services
-Must have creative mind and ability to formulate marketing strategies
-Must have some experience of Marketing at any event or at internship
Requirements: BBA(4th semester and above)

3) Intern for Web Development & Management Information Systems (PhP Developer)

-Must have knowledge about PHP
-Must have worked on WordPress, Joomla, and other open source platforms
– Must have some knowledge about Enterprise Solutions like CRM, ERP and other systems
-Must have some expertise of Graphic Designing
-Must have some Previous relevant projects either as freelancer or under some course
-Must have his/her own laptop
-If you have any portfolio or previous work kindly attach along with your CV
Requirements: BS (4th semester and above)

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