May 082014

Main Responsibilities

  • Keep the PCO portal updated.
  • Make transport arrangements for the Industrial Field Study trips.
  • Check course packs and maintain repository of course outlines.
  • Assist the programme officers in making seating plans, DR lists, chair persons’ lists, faculty advisor lists for each semester.
  • Assist the programme officers in making arrangements for the Summer Orientation Programme.
  • Assist the MBA and EMBA Program Officers in making of exam schedules, seating plans and weekly schedules throughout the semester.
  • Assist the MBA and EMBA Officers in conducting the CR elections;
  • Keep the PCO store organized.
  • Coordinate with the AV unit for arrangement of laptop, multimedia for outline presentations, guest speaker sessions etc.
  • Handle requests for reservation of SDSB building auditoriums, DRs, Faculty Lounge and Meeting Room.
  • Make arrangements for meetings/sessions/events organized by PCO.
  • All other tasks as assigned by the Supervisor.



Masters  degree preferable ,Bachelors degree may also be acceptable if other credentials of the candidate are strong.


  • Strong administrative and management skills
  • Good analytical skills
  • Proficient computer skills – particularly strong with Microsoft Office Applications
  • Good Team player

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