Nov 092016

p&g&G Winter Internship Program (for Fresh Engineering Graduates only)-IME

Procter and Gamble  is  known around the world for our trusted leadership brands and our outstanding employees. We proudly see over% of our people start at entry level (Including interns) and climb through the ranks together to become the future business leaders.

Being the Best in Class we strive at all levels  to introduce best opportunities. P&G Winter Internship  Program is designed specifically for Fresh Engineering Graduates only to engage you in real time projects  and to make you experience the challenges we face every day at P&G. If your keen to explore the world of international business, P&G is the right place for you.

“I want MEANINGFUL WORK and enjoy what I do”

Say goodbye to photocopying and running errands. P&G is THE company that will build your skills and help you become work-ready ahead of your peers.

We don’t believe in giving you ‘busy’ work. Our interns take on real projects that are vital to the growth of our business. And when your internship is complete, you present your final project recommendations to senior management to implement your ideas.

“I want to LEARN FROM THE BEST with lots of support”

Yes we give you outstanding responsibility, but that doesn’t mean we simply drop you in the deep end. You will be provided a dedicated Intern Manager to help you manage your project, provide on-the-job training and coach you along the way. Not to mention the professional skills colleges and training you will receive from so many people during your project. P&G will equip you to handle each and every challenge that comes your way.

“Securing A POSITION WHEN I FINISH INTERNSHIP is important to me”

We look to our internship program to help us find our future leaders. If you decide at the end of your internship experience that we are the right company for you, and we feel you are right for us, then we may offer you a full time position.

“And I want to be PAID WHILE I LEARN”

During the- week internship program, You will be working on real projects that are vital to the growth of our business, so you should be rewarded, right?

We treat you like a real employee, providing you with a monthly stipend, relocation allowances and access to some of our corporate benefits.

The program is dedicated for Fresh Engineering Graduates only.
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