Apr 052017

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre Jobs April 2017- Paperpk Jobs

Applications are invited for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre Jobs April 2017. The details about offered latest paperpk jobs are given below:-

Vacancies/  Positions:-

—Consultant Positions

Consultant Gynecologic Oncological Surgeon (Lahore)

Consultant Thoracic Surgeon (Lahore)

Consultant Radiologist (Lahore and Peshawar)

Consultant Anaesthetist (Lahore)

Consultant Head and Neck Surgeon (Lahore)

Consultant Urologic Surgeon (Lahore)

Consultant Medical Oncologist (Lahore and Peshawar)

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Physician (Lahore)

Consultant Paediatric Oncologist (Lahore and Peshawar)

Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases (Lahore)

Consultant Physician/Neurologist (Lahore)

Consultant Physician/Non-Invasive-Cardiology (Lahore)
Consultant Physician in General Internal/Respiratory Medicine (Lahore)

Consultant Physician/Nephrologist (Lahore)

Consultant Gastroenterologist (Lahore and Peshawar)

Consultant Paediatrician / Hospitalist (Lahore)

Consultant Pathologist (Peshawar)

Employee Health Physician (Lahore)

Locum Consultant Paediatrician with ICU experience (Lahore)

Locum Consultant Radiologist (Lahore)

Consultant Medical Oncologist (Part-time) for Karachi Diagnostic Center & Clinic

Consultant Radiologist (Part-time) (Peshawar)

—-Medical Positions

Senior Instructor in Paediatric Infectious Diseases (Lahore and Karachi)

Senior Instructor in Paediatric Critical Care (Lahore and Karachi)

Senior Instructor Paediatric Oncology (Lahore and Karachi)

Senior Instructor Radiation Oncology (Lahore and Karachi)

Senior Instructor Medical Oncology (Lahore and Karachi)

Senior Instructor Anaesthesia (Karachi)

Senior Instructor Pathology (Karachi)

Senior instructor Microbiology (Karachi)

Fellowship in Paediatric Oncology (Lahore)

Fellowship in Gastroenterology (Lahore)

Fellowship in Body Imaging (Lahore).

Senior Instructor in Palliative Medicine and General Internal/Hospital

Fellowship in Interventional Radiology (Lahore).

Fellowship in Nuclear Medicine (Lahore and Karachi)

Senior Instructor Infectious Diseases (Karachi)

Senior Instructor Radiology (Karachi)

Senior Instructor Nuclear Medicine (Karachi)

Senior Instructor Surgical Oncology (Karachi)

Senior Instructor Breast Surgery (Karachi)

Senior Instructor Head and Neck Surgery (Karachi)

Fellowship in Radiology (PET CT – Lahore)

Fellowship in Nuclear Medicine (PET-CT — Lahore).

Fellowship in Surgical Pathology (Lahore)

Medical Officer Paediatric Oncology (Lahore)

Medical Officer Surgical Oncology (Lahore)

Specialist Physician (Walk in Clinic) — Lahore
Other Medical/Clinical,

—Technical and Management positions.

PDG in Respiratory Therapy (Lahore)

Software Engineer (Oracle Developer) – Lahore

Software Quality Engineer (Lahore)

Software Implementation Engineer (Lahore)

Software Support Engineer (Lahore)

IT Business Analyst (Lahore)

Marketing Executive (Lahore/Gujranwala)

Marketing Executive (Lahore)

Law Officer (Lahore)

Kitchen Supervisor (Lahore)

Transport Supervisor (Lahore)

Security Supervisor (Lahore)

Dishwasher (Lahore)

House Attendant (Lahore)

Driver (Lahore)

Apply Online at www.shaukatkhanum.org.pk

Last Date: The last date for submission of applications is 14 April 2017.


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